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Shinies and Pokeball Vivillon UFT

**Hitmontop is currently ON HOLD**

Up for trade are 3 mix matched Kalos Born shinies plus a bonus Event Vivillon from Australia!

I’m happy to accept any of these shinies for them:
(Do not have to be KB or nicknamable)

Poochyena(or Mightyena), Vullaby(or Mandibuzz), Stoutland(or an evo that can still evolve into one).
Murkrow (Or Honchkrow) Torchic, Zangoose, Purloin/Liepard, Pidove/Tranquil, Deino, Spritzee or Amaura. :)

Or feel free to drop in an offer for these guys. Please no legendaries though as I already have all the ones I need :3

How are you, Sophie? We’re gonna play a little game,ok? It’s like wheels of fortune, except without the wheels and I’m not gonna give you my fortune. I want you to decide who deserves to die more. It’s okay, Sophie, come here. Make your choice. Either you choose him or him, okay? Either way, these men ,  they don’t know your name. Your real fucking name. Okay, music please! Wow! I gave you one, you take two! Ha! You’re greedy, you!

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I see what you did there Ink! Alrighty might as well answer this one I got the time xD

What’s your name? Real name Stephanie, Alias(s) Stray, Shadow, Silver and Hell’s Angel (My mum’s idea)

When is your birthday? 27th of October, 4 days before Halloween xD

Where are you from? I’m from Melbourne, Australia…I’m still there. >w>

Have a crush? On a real person? No. Now fictional crushes I got em gushing here there and everywhere. Coz I’m nice you can have 3 of em, Vaas(FC3), Gren(TWAU) and Ronan(MSS)

What’s your favourite colour? Blue…I love me some blue!

Write something in caps? I WILL FIND HIM!!

Got a favourite…   Item? Hobby? What are we favouriting here? Here I’ll give you my fav quote, “Do NOT make me go Nelson Van Alden on your ass!!!

I’m not so good on the tagging thing so who ever likes the post or something…go do it! XD

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